Just another one girl revolution.


My mind has been a whir lately. There’s the usual financial stuff. When is that never an issue in my life? It was getting better, then I had my dental stuff come up, then Jim had his dental stuff come up, and it was like all the issues we had been putting off for a year came to a head, all at once, and I was like, “Well, good thing we paid these credit cards off this past summer because we’re about to run them up again.”

Work has been going pretty good, except I still only do some overtime rather than MAD AMOUNTS that I say I’m going to. In my defense, Jim will urge me not to. I think he gets lonely during the day. He doesn’t want to be lonely in the living room, listening to me tap away on the keyboard down the hall.

This, despite that this is the exact scenario right now: he’s in the living room, I’m in bed on the laptop. But I was about to break down just for this small piece of solitude. I love Jim, he’s a good man, and I feel bad because, man, he must feel really isolated, being a stay at home dad, but when I’m off work, it’s like there’s a Jim-cloud following me around, always looming over me. Do you need anything? Are you okay? Hug me. Can I get affection? Kiss me! I need, I need, I need.

Thankfully, he does understand that I need my time by myself. Last weekend, he took Vincent and went out for an hour. It was a good hour, a needed hour. But, still, only an hour after months. I managed to get a shower in by myself. It was nice.

On a completely different subject, Jim replaced the seal on the toilet to keep it from leaking. It was manly and I was impressed. I was chatting with my co-worker today, and I confessed to him that I was gaining more confidence in Jim’s handyman’s skills. Like, pretty much anything, Jim can accomplish. Even if he’s never done it before, he gets it done, and he does a good job. It’s both convenient and sexy.

“I like being able  to fix things for you,” he says.

“You say that now, but just think of all the things I’m going to start asking you to do,” I reply.

It’s true. There are a lot of things around this house I have plans for. The floor in the hallway still needs to be put down, I want to retile both the kitchen and the bathroom–shoot, redo just about everything in the bathroom–new cabinets, convert the current porch into a sun room, build a porch all along the back, shelves in the living room…the list goes on and on. It’s going to take years, money.

Money that is going to go to dental bills, grrr.

Still, though, this is something I’m looking forward to, making our house our own. One super awesome thing is that Jim and I seem to have very similar tastes with most things. It’s such a relief, especially having the experience with my ex where we had next to nothing in common. He had wanted to live in the city and be “cosmopolitan” (yes, his words, seriously), but I had wanted to live in a more rural place. He liked retro, 50s furniture. I liked 50s music, but I thought that the furniture is better left in the attic, where nobody can see it.

Recently, Jim and I had an interesting suggestion made to us. Jim’s dad is looking to buy another property on this road. He was thinking of taking his current property, rezoning it, building houses on it, all that stuff, moving some family members in, but he had asked Jim if was interested in their place. Jim brought the idea to me. “Would you be interested?” he asked.

I thought for a moment. It’s a nice place. I have to admit, the lot is much better than ours. We’d have more room. But I like our little house. It’s cozy and I have plans for it. For some reason, this house has always felt like ours, like we were meant to be here. It’s hard to explain.

I like our yard. It’s smaller than most of our neighbors, hillier than I’d like, but it is by far the biggest yard I’ve ever had. It’s a good size for us, though, as while we like to have room, it’s not so big as to be too cumbersome for two people who have a small toddler and a limited amount of energy.

I don’t know them very well, but our neighbors seem nice. The neighbors on one side came over after Jim put up the Christmas lights to compliment him on it. The other neighbors dropped by and gave us free eggs from their chickens. We reciprocated with fudge. Vincent likes their horses; we all like their big, white dog.

And, of course, there’s Vincent’s grandparents down the street, the other grandma working across the street, and now, Jim’s dad is wanting to buy more down this road and, from what it sounds like, move more of Jim’s family down this road, which sounds awesome.

Yeah, I think we’ll stay where we’re at. Jim and I have some long-term plans we’re kicking around, but we’ll see how it all pans out. For now, I should go to bed. One day at a time, one paycheck at a time. We’ll get there.





Jim has officially posted on his Facebook that Deadlands is a go. He has a start date and everything. And I have no idea what to play. I’m not good with this RPG stuff. My only idea is a nun who took a vow of silence. I think that was my first concept for Jim’s Spell Jammer game. Don’t ask what’s with me always wanting to play mute celibate types.

Don’t ask.

Yeah, I updated the theme. I just wanted a change, you know? I don’t know if I’ll even stick with this.

So, I got a lot of dental work done. Bills are piling up fast. Jim’s is about to have major work done next week–more bills. Luckily, my job allows for a lot of overtime. One teensy problem: My husband and son miss me. And I miss them!

Okay, that would be two problems.

At least I work from home. I can see them on breaks and lunch. But still, today, I worked from 7 AM until after 6 PM. Two fifteen minute breaks and a lunch just doesn’t cut it for this wife and mama.

But, let’s face it, it’s gonna have to.

Watching Supernatural with Jim right now. Neither one of us are in the mood for Warcraft tonight. I haven’t been in the mood for it for a while. I’m just tired at the end of the day.

Speaking of Supernatural, I’m totally thinking about getting a Supernatural case for my phone. Am I too old for such fan girl type of things? Probably. Totally. Do I care? Not really. I think seeing Sam, Dean, and–if I can find a good case–Castiel is just the type of phone case that would cheer me up during the day.

Oh, and my new smart phone? OMG, I LOVE IT. It’s so awesome.

Hm, what else? Weather has been really nice. I got some really great pictures on my super awesome phone over the weekend when I took Vincent to the park. It was even warm enough to take our jackets off. Gotta love southern Illinois.

Work has actually not been so bad this year, at all. (Knock on wood.) I’m pretty blissful about that. It’s amazing how much work affects my life. If I have a bad day at work, it makes me miserable at home. It’s hard to leave that stuff behind, especially when you work in your bedroom.

Other stuff going on: Jim is preparing to run a Deadlands game. If I understand the plan, it’s to run it twice a month. One Saturday here at our house; the other Saturday, in St. Louis. Jim’s mom will take Vincent. I was very hesitant about doing this–I don’t like foisting our son off on other people to watch–but Jim claims that his mom actually wants to do this so she gets a regular time with him. I guess kind of like how we have dinner every week with Jim’s dad and step-mom. Which, honestly, is good because I wanted Vincent to get a regular time with Jim’s mom as well. I just feel bad she’s getting it in babysitting capacity rather than a grandma capacity.

You know, with D&D, I had an idea what I wanted to play, but in Deadlands, I really have no clue. My interest in it is much less. I think it’s just because I know even less about it. All I know is that I don’t want to role play and Jim says he won’t force me. So there’s that.

Okay, it’s 10 and I’m tired. One thing about all the dental work they’ve done is that I have these wonderful pain meds that make me sleepy.

And happy. At least there’s that. ;)


Jim had another rough night of almost no sleep, so I’m watching Vincent.

Scarfing down pancakes

Scarfing down pancakes

I think we’re doing okay. :)

So, today.


Wake up after fitful sleep. Jim had a lot of tooth pain last night and was super anxious in general, so I went to sleep late and then Vincent woke up at 5:30 AM.

Jim asks for me to punch in at 8 instead of 7 because the tooth pain kept him up almost all night. He looks exhausted.

Decide to call in. Jim’s teeth have been bugging him for quite a while now. Needs to be dealt with. Today preferably.

Jim wakes up and looks grateful when I tell him I called in so that I can watch Vincent while he gets some rest. Argue over whose dentist to call. Jim calls his. Soonest they can get him in MARCH 5TH.

He calls my dentist. Monday, first thing. Today would have been better, but Monday is certainly better than MARCH 5TH.

Get babysitter lined up.

Jim rests, I watch Vincent and do a little cleaning. Stress a little over money. I have a lot of my own dental work going on. Credit cards are mounting up and we need to start paying Jim’s dad back for the down payment of this house.

Stress, stress, stress.

Pick up Haytham. Look! Worm segments. Jim, the same man who was going to settle for a March 5th dentist appointment  despite having intense tooth pain that is starting to keep him up at nights, calls the vet within minutes of discovery of said worm segments and makes appointment for the SAME DAY.

Take cats to the vet. I let Vincent run around the vacant parking lot next door until I decide it’s full of rocks and cliffs to an excitable toddler. Jim has the cats in the office. Not only do we get the worm treatment for both cats, we also get antibiotics for Haytham and Gremlin’s updated rabies shot for $65. Even my tightwad heart is happy.

It’s a beautiful day out. It wasn’t the reason why I called in today, but I enjoy it.

Go home. Jim’s mom stops by after work to play with Vincent before returning home. Vincent looks happy, fusses after she leaves. Chill  out a little longer, then we take Vincent to dinner at Jim’s dad’s and step-mom’s. Vincent plays with dogs and instruments with his other grandma. I show off pictures of him on my new smart phone to Jim’s dad. Vincent is loved, loved, loved.

Jim’s uncle Dan stops by. He’s miserable. He’s lost his cat, the one that EVERYONE knows about because this cat is his baby, and he’s seriously grieving. I feel for him. I remember what it felt like when I lost Kili, how heartbroken I was. I still think about him.

Come home, brush Vincent’s teeth, Jim puts him to bed. Jim’s jaw is still throbbing. I hope he can sleep, so I can try to do some overtime tomorrow  because with these bills we’re running up, we really need it. My biggest fear is that it’s going to get taken away again. I want to pay off as much as I can as soon as I can, just in case this happens.

I would like to not need to have work overtime. That is the goal. For now.

Damn, I’m tired. What a day.


And so ends the honeymoon?

World of Warcraft account already frozen again. It’s got about two weeks on it. We bought this laptop, thinking that Jim and I would play together. We’re not playing together. The end.

I’m officially awesome.

Finally got the smart phone from Jim’s aunt working with my old number. It’s a bit of a learning curve from the regular flip phone, but I’ve already done a bunch of work to make it mine and have already installed several apps. Now I just need to get all my old contacts into my old phone. Problematic, since my old phone is dead. Not sure if a transfer or whatever it’s called will work. :\

Too tired for a title.

This is how I like it: Just chilling out in front of the TV, me playing on my laptop, while Jim is going through his Deadlands books. Yup, Jim plans on running another game. This one, he wants to run twice a month, with one of the games requiring us to journey up to St. Louis with Phil to play with Ben and Kristie. Of course, that would require a sitter, so you know. We’ll see.

This weekend was a little bit more eventful. Saturday was a divisional, but I was feeling bad enough that Jim asked me not to do it and to take a nap instead. I said okay but secretly told myself that I would punch in after a nap. I didn’t wake up in time. I was just so exhausted. I’m wondering if I’m coming down with something.

Then yesterday, both Vincent and I were napping, when I woke up startled. I smelled rotten eggs. My first thought was sewage. Sometimes, the creek in our yard gets a little stinky. My thought was, because there had been a lot of rain, maybe something had backed up the basement.

I checked around, couldn’t find the source of the smell, but I did smell it coming up the vent. Maybe it was the gas?

I debated what to do. Here’s some background here. 1) Jim had the van, which had the car seat. The only thing left was the car, which has expired tags and no car seat. 2) I couldn’t call Jim because my phone died (I’m still waiting on my sister to tell me what I need to know to transfer my number), and Jim left his phone at the house.

Which actually worked for me.

If I had been alone, I think I wouldn’t have really done much. But with Vincent, I wasn’t going to take a chance. I called the gas company, then called my mother-in-law (who, incidentally, has a car seat  of her own) to come pick me and Vincent up. I left Jim a note to come to his mom’s after grocery shopping.

When Jim came home, the gas guy was already here. He confirmed my first though: sewer. Our toilet is leaking. Sigh.

Makes me REALLY wish I had just chugged 10 cups of coffee and gotten through the OT on Saturday, regardless of how I felt.

Oh, and I got to see the treatment plan for my dental stuff for this year…


Yeah, I should probably pound this tea and go to bed. Mama needs to get more OT in. You know–more than I’m already doing. Sigh.


Make it quick.

I’m actually on my way to bed. I’ve been trying to post more frequently because, hey, I’m paying for this stupid site, so I should use it. I swear, if it weren’t for Jim using the domain for his email, I would have moved it to a free site a long time ago.

Nothing much new going on, except that work–knock on wood–isn’t as hellish as it usually is, and I got a new smart phone.

Well, an old smart phone–it belonged to Jim’s aunt Donna–but new to me! Gotta love free. :) It’s charging right now, but then I have to figure out how to get my number moved over to it. You know, something I’ve never done before. All my past phones have come through my sister, and she did it because I’m on her plan. Not sure how this is done, but I’ve been assured that it’s easy.

Tried a dungeon with Phil, Jim, and some people in their guild (our guild, I guess, as I’m in it, although I keep forgetting that I am), and I am of the belief that boost characters are a terrible idea unless it’s the same class you’ve played before and you just want to be on another server, or you just have a lot of time on your hands to figure it out because, seriously, I click, like, 3 buttons on my mage. That’s it. Three. I have them bound as 1, 2, an 3, and then I don’t remember what I’m supposed to from there, so I spam frost bolt until something lights up on my action bar, then I hit whatever that is, even though I have no idea what most of my buttons are.

I didn’t even know one of my abilities kind of acted like a DOT. There is something to be said for learning as you level.

I was done after one dungeon. I figured I need to get to bed because I have to work tomorrow, and it’s easy to pick up DPS.  Especially DPS who know what they’re doing.

I don’t. Really, I should just freeze my account. I really am not into the end-game stuff, anyway, and money is getting really tight again.

I’m going to check to see if my NEW OLD smart phone is done charging, then brush my teeth, check on the Cutest Little Boy Ever, and go to bed.

Jim’s still talking to disembodied voices in his headset like a loser, haha.

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