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End to a good day.

I woke up this morning, back hurting, stomach a little queasy, and I thought, “Nope, not doing it today.” I had sick time and PTO, so I called in.

Slept a little, back still hurt when I woke up, but it eventually faded away. It wasn’t enough to ruin my day or anything. I enjoyed hanging out with Vincent and Jim. Jim is a horrible enabler when I think about calling in sick. His response is always, “Do it!” Of course, when I call in, it means I’m not tying up the internet for work, so he can play.

So he worked on Warcraft; I hung out with Vincent. The living room was so pretty, the way the sunlight slanted through the blinds and danced on Vincent’s face while he frowned over his trains. And, of course, it just made me wish all the more than I could stay home with him.

During the day, I found Vincent’s nice jacket that I bought at Old Navy, the jacket that I’ve been trying to find for weeks now, so I was happy for that.

Later that night, Jim and I took Vincent for drive. Another sign that he’s our kid is that he seems to love drives as much as we do. As soon as I say, Hey, Vincent, want to go for a drive?, he drops whatever he’s doing and runs to the door. So we went for a drive, came back, got Vincent ready for bed. Jim and I talk about how we need to find something to put Vincent in just to get him out of the house, around other kids–both of us confess that we worry he’s lonely sometimes–get Vincent out of tub, dress him, play, read to him, tuck him into bed.

Then, we run Kara with Phil. KARA. YES. I know the end-game content is what pretty much most Warcraft players are into, but Karazhan is really the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to see. It was beautiful and so interesting. And fast, from the stories I heard. Of course, we ran it on higher-level characters, but I got to hear how this mob led to so many wipes and about the time that the tank was pulling a mob and fell off the ramp.

Okay, Jim put his computer up, so it’s time to go. The other thing that made today good was that I decided to check the scale and I’ve already lost almost FOUR POUNDS. In less than a week. I felt so good about it, I rewarded myself with a teeny-tiny glass of Coke. Nothing more than that, I’m not trying to gain it back.

Okay, leaving. Need to go to bed, since I don’t plan on calling in sick two days in a row.

Here we go.

Weekend’s over. Boo. Seemed like a I did a lot of cleaning, playing with Vincent, and leveling on Warcraft. (Obviously, only during times when Vincent was asleep.) Went to Jim’s mom’s for Jim’s grandpa’s birthday. Vincent got to see his baby cousin Della (he loooves her, it’s so cute), and he crawled up on his Great Papa’s lap to eat cake with him. It was cute. I’m hoping Jim’s mom will have pictures of it on Facebook soon because I’m totally stealing them.

I didn’t go nearly as much over my calories today as I thought I would. I thought I would OBLITERATE the target calories. Don’t get me wrong–I still went  plenty over, just not as much as I thought.

Oh, I didn’t mention that, did I? Jim and I decided we would try to eat better for the new year. Well, after Christmas, money got tight again (imagine that), so now we’re mostly eating cheap this week, but I’m just watching calories at this point. Since New Year’s, I’ve already lost 1.8 pounds. Awesome.

I’m pretty sure I gained some of that bad tonight, ha. But that’s okay. I let today pass for Papa’s birthday. :)

I suppose I should get ready for bed. Ugh,  I’m dreading tomorrow. January is always rough at my job, and I’m almost always put on the hotline. I wasn’t Friday, though, and I suspect it’s because a lot of people got it off. I heard that a lot of places did that–rather then have their employees have the day off, come back, then have the weekend, they just gave them Friday too. They told us in our unit meeting that they don’t think they’re going to need the written staff much on the hotline this year (unlike last year, where we were on almost every day UNTIL AUGUST), but I will believe it when I see it. I still suspect we’ll get put on.

To add to the anxiety, my phone won’t hold a charge, and my phone also doubles as my alarm. Granted, I rarely hear the alarm because I’m up with Vincent before then, but I always have this fear that we’re all going to suddenly sleep until 7 AM. HA. Fat chance.


Well, I was going to go to bed. It’s after midnight, after all, but I just heard Vincent fussing a little in his bedroom, so I’ve been putting it off to make sure he’s not about to wake up.

It’s been a busy day: work, as usual, with overtime, as usual, then dinner at Jim’s dad’s and step-mom’s, as usual, except what’s not as usual is that Jim didn’t come with me and Vincent. Tonight, he stayed at our place to play with Phil and a friend of theirs named Dan.

Wow, do we know a lot of Dans.

Anyway, Vincent and I came home, I got Vincent ready for bed, and Jim tucked him in. While he did that, Phil explained to me that the game they decided to play before Dan moves out west is Deadlands.

I had to smile. Jim and Deadlands. He loves that game.

While they did that, I told  Phil I was going to work on my mage that I had used the 90 boost on, the one I plan to run with Jim and Phil and some other guy they know. Jim and Phil had told me before to go ahead and start my Draenor quests. So I do, then when I’m in the kitchen telling Phil that I was done and was going to switch to my blood elf priest to work her Draenor quests, Phil suggests that I get back on the mage and do garrison stuff.

So I did, but man, my mage is getting close to hitting 91, which will put her ahead of both Alsana and Grimoira, sitting at 90 and 85 respectively. This sounds dumb, but I feel weird having anything higher than those two, heh. It seems they should be leading the way, not this newfangled Draenei mage that didn’t even exist a week or so ago.

And here’s another thing that has been bugging me: Mages are hard! When did this happen? Granted, it’s been a while since I have played, and I never had one this high up, but man, they have a lot of abilities with cooldowns and wait to have this one before using this or this or this or if you chose this talent this–ARRRRRGH.

And here Jim and I picked mage because I wanted something easy. Maybe arcane wasn’t the way to go.

Or maybe I’m just a moron.

Cautiously approaching the new year.

Hello, 2015.

I keep thinking that you cannot possibly be worse than 2014. It was a rough year: Dad died, work sucked, Piper died. But there good things as well–namely buying the house we wanted, and work got better after August–so I’m hoping good things will happen in 2015 as well.

At this point in time, I’m just hoping to be able to stick to this diet this time. That’s all, not asking for much, 2015. Just a little self-discipline.

Oh, yeah, and for you not to suck.

Thank you.

It happened.

We bought a laptop. So right now, Jim is playing Warcraft on the laptop, and I was playing on this new laptop, until about 10 minutes ago, when I realized that the new year is closing in.

So right now, BOTH Jim and I are playing Warcraft. It’s a Jesus miracle!

Of course, he’s playing with Phil, so I’m left to play alone.

Whatevs. 25 minutes left of 2014, the year where work sucked worse than it has in a long time and when I lost my dad. I can only imagine he’s up there looking down at me, shaking his head over the fact that I’m playing Warcraft again, haha.

Miss you, Dad.

Good riddance, 2014. Happy New Year!



Weird–I’m sitting in our bedroom with a rum and Coke and playing on the iPad, just to get away from hearing my husband on Skype while playing Warcraft in the living room.

Weird because I am totally having a flashback to my last semester in college, except then, it was me and a roommate, I was on a laptop, and he was on Vent. But it was still WoW, and there was almost always alcohol involved, and it’s still other people’s conversations I really have no interest in and didn’t want to eavesdrop on.

Although, at that time, I did not have access to a radio like I do in my bedroom, so I couldn’t drown my old roommate out as easily as I can drown out Jim.

Anyway, so, yeah, Jim and I are all Warcracked again. It started with me because I had heard that the latest expansion would be the last, and I was looking for something to occupy my mind since the most stressful part of the year is coming up at work. I decided that since, for the most part, Vincent is down at 8, I could do what I used to do when I was a live-in nanny for my sister and her kids, where I played after they went to bed and maybe when they took naps.

It was going well, but as it has happened every single time, any time I renew my account, Jim decides HE’S interested too, and then he renews his account.

And we NEVER have two computers to do this from.

In the past, what has happened is that I will play, feel guilty, let Jim play a little bit, and then he pretty much takes over the computer and I never get to play.

This time, I told Jim that would not happen again. Now, we alternate days. However, I’m much stricter about my bedtimes these days than I was back then (I’m getting old, I need my freakin’ sleep), so I’m getting maybe 1 1/2-2 hours gameplay every other day, which means I’m slow at getting anything done. I guess it’s not really a big deal, though. While most of the people that I played with before are coming back, everyone seems to be off doing their own thing. Hell, I haven’t even talked to most of them, or if I have, it’s been brief, so I’ve mostly just been focusing on leveling on my own, doing my own thing.

I’m hoping, though, that will change, because let’s face it–Warcraft is much more fun when you’re playing with friends. Jim and I had already been talking about getting a laptop, and now we’re pretty much set on getting one within the week. Because we’ve always only had  one computer (the iPad doesn’t count here), we’ve never been able to play together.  Jim and Phil have been power-leveling a druid and a hunter respectively, and I used my 90 boost to create a mage. The hope is that when they get to 90, Jim and I will have  a laptop as well. Also, someone in their guild used their own 90 boost to create a tank (also druid, I believe) and is waiting on Phil and Jim, so we should just need one more DPSer and we should be set to go, dungeon-wise.

I’m pretty excited about the idea, but I keep toying with the idea of just freezing my account again. I know this is not the best use of my time, after all. Still, Jim and I have few things in common; it’s nice that we have this.  And at the end of the day, that’s what I keep coming back to: I just want to play with my husband. Is that so bad?

Ha, I just had a flashblack to those magazines my mother used to have, the “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” ones.  OMG, CAN WARCRAFT SAVE MY MARRIAGE? Hahaha–oh, yeah, and my marriage dooesn’t really need saving. It’s pretty good, thanks. :)

In quiet moments.

Every once in a while, I find myself muttering to myself, Please help me be a better mother.

I don’t even know who I’m talking to, praying to.

Vincent is definitely going through the terrible twos a bit early. I know it’s normal. I know he’s not even nearly as bad as most toddlers. When he is told no, he will throw a fit because he doesn’t have the language or the skills to express himself any other way, but for the most part, he will still listen. I’m cool with that. He’s allowed to have feelings–but he has to listen.

Lately, we have been working on making him stop hitting when he gets angry. He is definitely getting better about it. He seems to be learning little by little to just shriek in anger rather than running up and hitting whomever made him mad.

That’s all good. It’s better than hitting people.

But, still, I keep thinking that this is such a crucial time. We have to teach him boundaries, discipline, obedience, all while building his confidence, teaching him, and letting him know that he’s loved.

I hope we can balance this all right. I just hope we don’t screw it up.

Brief solitude.

Jim was invited to another game. Of course, he couldn’t say no. Not only was this a game being started by a friend that Jim had been wanted to reconnect with for a long time now, said friend is also moving in a few months.

Honestly, Jim needs to get out of the house. I think he needs to get out of the house for all of us. One of the problems with me working from home–one of the few problems, I might add–is that we’re together ALL. THE. TIME. I love my husband, but he is starting to get on my nerves, and I’m sure I’m getting on his as well.

And I think we all get cabin fever.

Jim keeps offering to watch Vincent so that I can get out of the house as well, but I really don’t know what to do with myself. My preference is to be at home, but alone time is nice. Right now, with Jim gone out with Phil to Dan’s place and Vincent asleep, I have had a whole hour to myself. A whole hour!

Yeah, I needed this.

Not much else has been going on. I did start to participate in NaNoWriMo when I realized that, technically, this year, I could. We finally have two computers. Well, a desktop and this iPad, if we’re being specific. Jim has done it for several years now, and I always wanted to, but we didn’t have the second computer for me to use.

So early in the month, I sat down, started writing, and I discovered two things:

1) I think I don’t write nearly as well when I’m happy.

2) The last thing I want to do is write while sitting in our cold kitchen in that hard ass computer chair we have!

Number 1 is kind of sad, but honestly, if the quality of my writing suffers because the quality of my life has gotten better, then I am absolutely okay with that.

Number 2….number 2 is the reason why I decided NaNoWriMo isn’t happening this year. I work in an uncomfortable chair 9+ hours a day as it is. I have no intentions of spending any more time sitting in crappy chairs than I have to.

Besides, it gives me more incentive to buy a laptop before next November. Well, that, and the latest expansion of Warcraft, heh. No, I haven’t been playing–I haven’t played in a loooong time–but Phil’s back into it and has said some good things about it.

And on the subject of guilty pleasures, I think I’ll make some popcorn to eat all by my bad self and watch me some Vikings! Here’s hoping that Jim stays out late. It’s nice having the TV all to myself for a change!


Nothing to see, moving along.

Right now, I’m steeping my tea, getting ready for bed, and thinking about the past couple of weekends. With the exception of a couple of days at work, life has been pretty good. One of the things I was thinking about is what my next “move” in life should be, and really, why should I even have one? My life is pretty freakin’ awesome. It’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted. Really, I’m in “tweaking” phase–you know, just need to fix a couple of “bugs” here and there (like figuring how to declutter my house and where to get the energy to fit in a workout routine), but really, where I’m at is where I’ve wanted to be since–well, honestly, my entire life.

I’m tired but so happy.

The last couple of weekends have been cheery ones. Two of Jim’s friends were married off. Last weekend was Matt (I think I’ve referred to him as “The Boyscout” on here before), who is seriously one of the nicest guys I think I’ve ever met. Saturday, it was Ben, who I haven’t seen as much since he lives in St. Louis, but he’s hysterical. Here’s hoping the best for them.

Last night at the reception for Ben and his new wife Kristie, even Phil seemed to be having a blast. Phil, incidentally, is the one I was referring to a couple months back–the one who is now going through the divorce. I didn’t want to say it at the time in case it was temporary, but it doesn’t appear it is. And it seems to be for the better. And…umm…and no more on that until their divorce is finalized. :D

What else? OH. Halloween was fun. Although the night before, Jim tried dyeing my hair red. And I mean RED: bright, fire engine red. We were going as The Riddler (Jim), Batman (Vincent), and Poison Ivy (me), so the bright, bright red was key. But we didn’t use nearly enough dye, so it ended up kind of streaky and, in the right light, I personally think it looks more like bright pink than red. But it worked. Everyone recognized us when we went out, and as we were leaving the Halloween festivities, I even heard, “Oh, my god, it’s The Riddler! AND Poison Ivy! AND THERE’S A LITTLE BAT MAN!”

Ha! Awesome. I’m glad I let Jim talk me into dressing up, although I looked like an idiot. But I was an idiot everyone RECOGNIZED. lol. Vincent was adorable, though, and Jim looked good too.

Anyway, this morning, Jim and I took advantage of the kid being at his granny’s, hit the Halloween store while they were having their 50% off sale, and already have costumes for next year. Oh, AND a Medusa head. Yeah, it’s pretty great.

Crap, looks like I’m running out of time if I want to get to bed at a decent hour. And I do. Tomorrow’s Jim’s birthday, and I don’t want to be too cranky. :)



I am trying to type this on Jim’s iPad. Should prove interesting.

So, Friday night, after Vincent fell asleep, Jim and I packed up, bundled our little guy up, and left for the greater Chicago area to see my mom. We thought maybe Vincent would stay asleep and we could drive through the night. We were wrong. Instead, Vincent woke up, cried, and didn’t fall back to sleep until 1:30. AM.

Needless to say, we didn’t do it that way for the way back.

Anyway, we went to visit Mom for her birthday. It was her first one without Dad, and I figured it would be hard on her.  I wasn’t wrong. Several times, she would just start crying. One day, I had to nag her about taking a shower. She rarely leaves the house and admits she’s not getting better.

Anyway, I need to make this quick because I am quickly draining the battery in this thing. I think I convinced Mom to try going to church again. She used to enjoy it, she can get solace there, and maybe, just maybe, meet some people. My parents always kept to themselves, but that was always mostly because of my dad. I don’t think he’d want to see her like this.

I am going to call her Sunday to see if she followed through. Yes, I am going to nag her. Not usually my thing, but what can you do, right?

I am going to log for now. Just wanted to check in. I’m freezing, and all I want to do is huddle under the blankets with my husband. My entire vacation has been cold and full of rain and ghosts. I may almost welcome the routine of work in the morning.

Yeah, probably not! But at least the rain is supposed to stop soon.

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