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I’m not going to lie: I’m so tired, and all I want to do is curl up and go to bed, and yes, I know it’s only 4:30 in the afternoon, but there it is, the truth. I’m forcing myself to play on the computer because I finally got some alone time (Jim went to play Warhammer) and, truth be… (more…)

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Of course, I plan on going in to do overtime tomorrow, but we’re going to pretend we didn’t hear that, right? And stay up all night, anyway? (And be sorry for it in the morning?) So, not too long ago, I knocked something off one of the stand thingabobs where we keep our DVDs (and yet, it’s not… (more…)

It’s been a week.

So this week, I’ve: Started crocheting a tiny cthulhu, frogged it, restarted it, and am still working on it as I need supplies. Been getting rides to and from work all week while my car was (and still is, apparently) in the shop. Found out some of my co-workers in Harrisburg are dealing with the aftermath from the F4 tornado.… (more…)

Three day weekend, ACTIVATE.

From my informal poll of the providers I talked to while taking hotline calls this week, I’ve learned that my company is one of the few that have Martin Luther King Day off. No wonder why the day after MLK day is the busiest phone day of the year–the providers are trying to get two day’s worth of stuff done… (more…)

Firefly and Jayne hats.

Confession: I rarely look at my stats. I figure because I don’t exactly tell people I blog, most of the incoming links are coming from spammers anyway. My spam filters backs this theory. However, today, I did happen to look at it, and guess what I’ve noticed? A lot of people are coming here looking for Jayne hats from Firefly.… (more…)

How I spent my holiday weekend.

As I’ve mentioned, I ran out of yarn for scarf #1 for work. So I started–and finished–scarf #2 this weekend. Hm, one day, I’ll have to find a way to take better pictures. More light would be nice. Until then, suffer. The pattern is the Shimmer Lace Scarf one that I mentioned a couple posts ago. And, by the way,… (more…)

Crochet hell.

I spent a better half of yesterday knitting. Well, there was a brief excursion where I left to go for a walk and ended up coming back with nachos instead. But other than that, I was a girl on a mission. Knit, knit, knit, the thing’s getting long, I can see that the end is near and then–I ran out… (more…)

Oh-ho-ho, not good.

Yesterday, at 5 AM, I made the executive decision to call in sick.  I had a MASSIVE headache, the kind where even your cheekbones hurt, and stomach pains.  I had been trying to horde my PTO, but no way was I talking to people all day with that kind of a headache.  After Jim came home, he felt my forehead and announced… (more…)

My blog is not evil. Promise. I think.

So, I lied:  The next “Homebrewed” will not be a long post.  In fact, it will be the shortest one to date.  Natalia didn’t even have any encounters.  I’m telling ya, we’ve had so few encounters with how short our game sessions are, that I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting what to roll and what to add.  And Natalia is still… (more…)

Of laundry, crocheting, and how boobs get no respect.

Gah!  I had my schedule all worked out.  Play a little online, watch a little TV, starve myself with Slimfast bars, run to store to get a few things, come back, do laundry, and pick up Jim from work.  I’m a simple woman, really.  I want simple things.  But my man?  Not so much.  I have everything timed out where… (more…)